t h e a t r e m u s i c . o r g

by Marcel Wick

The age-old story of the learned doctor who sold his soul to the devil. For youth, for knowledge, and for love.

There are many versions of this story. Here are a few songs from mine, recorded some odd years ago.

"I Dreamed My Life Away"

Here is the aged Doctor Faust, thinking with regret of how he has spent his life between
the walls of his study, chasing some ephemeral dream, while life went past outside.

"Life brought nothing, my hopes have vanished now
years were passing while I imagined how
I would find out in some fantastic quest
the secret light in earth's deep breast
I dreamed my life away..."

"Once Upon A Time"

And here comes Mephistofeles, luring him into signing the contract.

"Why shouldn't Adam and Eve have eaten from the Tree of Life? Just because God forbade them to?
Eternal life, my dear doctor: that's what I have on offer!"