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Welcome to my site, kind stranger!

Imagine an old leather suitcase, found on a ceiling, of which no one remembers whom it once belonged to. Or think of the drawer of a cabinet that has been gathering dust for ages in a room of an old house abandoned long ago. That's it. That is what this site is like.
Open it. Have a peep. Let it surprise you. You might be disappointed, of course, but it may equally give you a few moments of pleasure, perhaps even of wonder. In any event: it will surprise you.
So come on, open it! You'll find some songs here, a couple of piano pieces, a pictures I'm sure you've never seen before, a handful of stories, a few musicals, some only in bits and pieces, but some also "complete and unabridged". You'll find scripts, lyrics, sheet music, scores, backing tracks: everything you need to sing a tune or even put a whole show together. You can downloaded it here, and the good news is: it's all for free! As an amateur group or individual artist, you don't have to worry about royalties. As long as you abide by the terms of use, you are welcome to perform the works that are published on this side. If you plan to use any of my stuff, it'd be nice if you'd let me know about it, though. You can contact me here. If you like my site, please don't hesitate to show your appreciation by clicking on an ad every now and then. I could do with your support! : D

Thanks for visiting.
Marcel Wick.

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